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Difficulty: Easy Wednesday, June 22, 2022

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CHAT LOG for Wednesday, June 22, 2022

12:16 am

Why would the French and Americans have held their horse whips in their right hands and everyone else have used their left hands. I can find no explanation for that.
12:17 am

I tend to believe a different theory, that first the French people showed their support for their revolution by passing to the right and then Napoleon imposed the new French standard on all the countries he conquered, which of course did not include Britain. Separately, American revolutionaries started passing to the right as a demonstration of their independence from British rule.
12:18 am

Done. Clickfest on another easy
2:22 am

As irv stated ... clickfest Easy :
4:05 am

Tall Mike, apparently everyone used to drive their chariots with their left to keep their strong right hands free to use swords etc. Napoleon was left handed so favoured travel on the right, Youre probably right about the Americans, and the French always do the opposite of the Brits!
5:39 am

The French invented the metric system, but Britain rejeted the system because it was invented by revolutionaires. So it was the Brits that did the opposite of the French.
5:50 am

Most countries that once belonged to the British Empire drive on the left. With the exception of Canada. Most of the former French colonies drive on the right. Strangely the former Dutch colonies Indonesia and Surinam drive on the left.
6:06 am

11:03 am

If the Americans did the opposite of the Brits, we would use the metric system like the French.
11:26 am

A bit slow. 14
12:27 pm

there are many Americans who routinely use the metric system such as scientists, lab workers, nurses.
12:29 pm

signage on I19 between Tucson and Nogales, Sonora, Mexico is in mph and Kph