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Difficulty: Easy Wednesday, June 10, 2020

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CHAT LOG for Wednesday, June 10, 2020

3:52 am

ding, ez but fun
7:52 am

I'm not so sure about 'stralia, Phil. Sharks in the water, snakes in the bushes, kangaroos with attitude, dingos stealing babies and, perhaps worst of all, driving on the wrong side of the road.
9:24 am

"Straya, angie, and they're less dangerous than the snakes in the grass and sea, deadly trees, big salty crocs, stonefish, spiders that can kill you, tiny deadly irakandji jellyfish et all. But you're right more people die in traffic accidents. Best to let a native drive and sit back to enjoy the scenery!
9:25 am

9:40 am

1:06 pm

Was in Straya last December. So great and it is smart to have a driver to handle some of the u-turns I noticed in Melbourne. I gladly stayed on the paths at botanical gardens because of the warning signs about snakes. I did not pick-up shells in the water. All of that is worth it to see the beautiful sunkissed land and be with friendly fun people and eat a kangaroo burger with beet relish (it was good). I also went to the National Wine Center so much fun. Now it was smokey and I need to return to see the Blue Mountains.
3:14 pm

DING. I would have called it Hard. Pretty bad pair argument.
11:48 pm

Please do return CLG47 when flights resume. Might not be until after a vaccine is found or they develop a testing regime for travellers. They do have those weird pull left to turn right rules but only in Melbourne and they are mainly so you don't get cleaned up by the trams! Smoke all gone for now. My tip for next time is the Ningaloo reef and swim with the whale sharks and manta rays. Lifelong memories.