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Difficulty: Hard Friday, March 27, 2020

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CHAT LOG for Friday, March 27, 2020

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only one little trick, not so hard at all
3:49 am

On the record player: Richard Thompson Daring Adventures
4:01 am

If you have to stay home and don't know what to do with your time - Coursera has many free courses. Examples:

- Fighting COVID-19 with Epidemiology: A Johns Hopkins Teach-Out, a free two-week learning event, beginning Tuesday, March 31
- Starting March 30 is Keith Devlin's course on Mathematical Thinking.

Both highly recommended
4:07 am

MrOoijer, there is a local band called Henry's Funeral Shoe. You might enjoy their music as a change.
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very easy for a "hard" ...
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Very good, Mr. O. is a consortium of universities and colleges that offer free courses online from schools all over the world. They usually are only free if all you want to do is observe, its called auditing a course without being tested. is another consortium of schools. There is a small fee if you want to participate in classes taught by real professors, take their tests and receive a grade and a certificate of achievement. These courses range from high school advanced proficiency and introductory freshman level to professional and masters degree level. None are accredited toward any college degrees, however some will offer entrance into college if you can maintain a B or better. The high school AP courses will actually put you ahead of other students trying to get into that college. If you are really serious about learning a really difficult subject, I recommend Kahn Academy online. Sal Kahn's college level courses are all absolutely free. MIT recommends taking Kahn Academy courses if you are struggling with higher physics or math. Sal Kahn is a Phd MIT graduate. Bill Gates was so impressed with his courses he's donated millions. I can't afford millions but I auto send the school 10 dollars/month and have for years. Millions of kids all over the world take his free courses. Along with being a genius and the best professor I have ever encountered, he's a saint.
10:36 am

Jackt and Mr O - I wholeheartedly agree. Khan academy is great. There is also a large variety of classes on the MIT website that are free. I have taken classes in linear algebra from Khan and MIT. MIT offers courses in computer programming for a variety of languages.
10:37 am

Go to MIT OpenCourse for free classes - these are video versions of actual classes.
10:45 am

Easy for a Hard
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@KT & Jackt, I did not want to promote Coursera, these were just two courses that are IMO interesting. My experience with at least 8 courses on Coursera and Edx is that I could always participate in the tests and the discusssions without paying for the certificates.