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Difficulty: Easy Wednesday, September 27, 2017

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CHAT LOG for Wednesday, September 27, 2017

12:26 am

Done. had to start over.
3:07 am

For actual fact-based commentary on the Trump era, I would encourage anyone to give Dr. Robert Reich a look. He's on FB under his name as well as under The Reich Report, youtube, at Common Cause, and elsewhere. An intelligent, sensible, optimistic voice in these disastrous, corruption-ridden times.
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5:43 am

I'm sorry drwho but comparing Ann Coulter favorably against Bernie, the NYT, Howard Zinn just shows how extreme right you really are. Howard Zinn was a historian. He only wrote about what actually happened. The NYT has been in operation how long? Comparing Bernie to Alex Jones is like comparing HiLites to the National Enquirer. And your girlfriend Ann is a well known thrower of verbal and literary firebombs guaranteed to get a reaction and sell books. No better than Jones. As far as Prof. Zinn goes. You know nothing drwho. He was a great man and first and last a historian. Though he described himself as a democratic socialist his views were formed through the lens of history and his time in the military. Ann and Alex use their views to further their brand much like our President. Whom Ann endorsed early on.
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6:12 am

If you want news, balanced common sense and a bit of humour, watch The Project Channel 10 in Australia, I'm sure it will be on the web.
6:21 am

I like mab's suggestion too.
6:24 am

DrWho and TallMike: thanks so much for the tips!
8:08 am

@TallMike - do not understand why you keep calling them "arbitrary", they are very much in the spirit of the future development of the EU, secondly why you keep referering to them as illegal, while this is clearly a part of the UK agreement to enter the EU, and these rules are only binding for EU members and thirdly they are very logical from the Mare Librum doctrine point of view that has always been dominant in continental Europe. And again it is rather odd in the light of the "cod wars"the UK fought out with Iceland to blame the EU. No, it was the UK itself that agreed to this part of the EU rules. Don't forget that the UK has succesfully got other exceptions to EU rules, so I do not see why they did not try in this case.

PS Grotius is ratcher well knowns in the Netherlands not only as as one of the founders of the state, but also escaping from enprisonment in a bookchest. I happen to live in a street named after Grotius.
8:18 am

particularly easy today
11:34 am

@tuco - I write this knowing that it will mean nothing to you. But Prof Zinn is just as guilty as Ann Coulter. This per an article in the left leaning "New Republic" written by no friend of the Right author David Greenberg.
11:35 am

again you will have to remove the \n that is so gratuitously added by the chog
12:33 pm

Starts slow. 16.
1:10 pm

done ng, ng.
1:52 pm

Hey all, I just happen to be reading Zinn's "A People's History of the United States," so I thought I'd jump in since I'm not relying on who said what about what. I'm on the original source. I find this book, published in 1980, to be thoroughly well documented with primary source material - right down to letters, notes, journals. I gotta hand it to this guy, he really did his research. I don't say that lightly, I have PhD education, heavy on the research, so I can tell at a glance whether a piece of 'research' is crap or not. This is not crap, this is straight up truth & ought to be required reading for every American child.
1:52 pm

2:12 pm

@MrOoijer: Arbitrary in the sense that sharing of fishing rights had not even been contemplated as a possible application of the Treaty of Rome until the 1970 appearance of four eager applicants (with plenty of fish) ready and willing to join the EEC. The reason it had not been contemplated is interesting: the treaty did not mention the activity of fishing at all, only a common market extending to agriculture and trade in agricultural products, which were defined as the products of the soil, of stockfarming and of fisheries and products of first-stage processing directly related to these products per article 38 (1). In other words, it included fish and fish products but not the act of fishing.
2:12 pm

And arbitrary because the EEC's own legal team had determined that three of the four treaty articles cited in the 1970 open access regulation did not apply. And because the fourth article cited was a stretch and could easily have been challenged if the Conservative UK government had not had bigger fish to fry (because the entire British economy was languishing and in desperate need of a boost from joining the EEC).
2:13 pm

And arbitrary because, to quote the only person I know who lives on Grotiusstraat: "they are very much in the spirit of the future development of the EU," which future development became a long history that was recently described this way by someone who lived on Maastrichtsestraat in 1968 (me):
"The former European Common Market transformed itself into a power grabbing, expanding, self-promoting equivalent of a federal government. The peoples of almost all the EU countries, except Germany and Belgium, view the top-heavy EU government with hostility and suspicion because the EU bears not the slightest resemblance to a democracy."
I guess we have come full circle.
5:36 pm

Zinn's book is not history. It is a series of anecdotes. You can always cherry pick the evidence. You can always find malcontents which is all Zinn did.
5:46 pm

As for Ann Coulter, read her article on the Central Park 5. See if she didn't do more and better research than the NYT editorial.
8:22 pm

drwho, there are wackos on the sidelines of any political movement. I'm surprised you'd give any credence to Ann Coulter, the poster child of a right wing wacko. Even a dead clock is right twice a day.
9:34 pm

Diane, nobody here is addressing the issues Coulter raised in her article. You all just want to say what a wacko she is. That is not an argument.
9:51 pm

drwho, Coulter lied. The evidence is clear. The man whose DNA matched later admitted his guilt. The teenage boys were coerced into confessing to a crime that they did not commit.\nons/coerced-to-confess-the-psychology-of-fals\ne-confessions/ provides a useful discussion about what happened.
10:17 pm

And remove each \n from the url as usual